How to do Brand Reputation Monitoring in Times of Crisis

brand reputation monitoring

Reputation plays a major role in the success or failure of a business that`s why monitoring online brand reputation is fundamental! Indeed, it involves countless efforts to build, but takes minutes to destroy, especially in today’s digital age – where information flows faster than the speed of light and transparency is in high demand.

Overlooking public digital voice isn’t an alternate anymore, especially for startups. Organizations entail to involve themselves in online reputation management techniques – not only to communicate effectively on social channels but also listen to the social chatter and respond in the way that aligns with both brand and customer expectations.

That`s why it has become significant for businesses encompass social media crisis management plan in place.

Let’s take a look at the following online reputation management tips that social media managers and communications professionals need to adopt to minimize reputation damage.

Be Prepared

  • Establish Your Social Media Guidelines
    In today`s digital era, a set of social media guidelines are essential, acting as a life jacket: you never need them, but you might be glad to know they’re valuable during a crisis. Many companies have a communications policy and part of this policy should include crisis management and social media reputation management.
  • Cultivate a loyal customer base
    A loyal customer following can help you bounce back from negative press, and they may just come to your defense.

Prioritize the Process of Crisis Reputation Management

To allow a non-expert manage their social media presence seems to be an unfavorable decision for organizations. Even, the situation will get worse, if you enable them to manage your social channels at the time of crisis.

Confused consumers` are most likely to land on social media profiles, checking for updates or asking questions.

In order to effectively manage social media accounts, enable social media experts to communicate on social profiles so that all questions and concerns receive an official, personal response from the company itself. In addition, the CEO or other high-profile leaders also require being prepared and available to communicate during a crisis.

Customers feel that the crisis is a priority for the business when an official statement or news being delivered by the CEO of the organization. Also, they are the most credible source that press and consumers spot out during a crisis.

Control the Message

A major threat to the company’s reputation befalls – when organizations stopover making efforts to control the messages. Potential consumers seek out for information and updates at the time of crisis and if an organization postulate a spiral of silence – there will be an adverse effect on reputation. Eventually, competitors or others take definitional control of messages – possibilities of fake Twitter accounts (like @NBCFail during the Olympics) or simply the spread of distortion.

To take control of messages, consider using social media channels and traditional public relations methods to announce regular updates. Even a tweet of “nothing new to report” after every 30 min leads to putting the consumer`s mind at ease while preventing the spread of misinformation.

Seek out Help of a Reputation Management Company

Since most of the organizations don`t incorporate a crisis reputation management plan in place. Lacking expertise makes it challenging to involve with the press and respond to complaints on social channels. Hence, hiring a brand reputation monitoring company can be a lucrative decision to minimize the impairment of brand repute.

Reputation Planners – An online reputation management agency encompasses online repute experience to hit the ground running when crisis occurs. With the help of best online reputation management tools such as social media, press releases, and search engine optimized websites, we reshape the conversation about businesses, suppressing negative stories and content online. In addition, we minimize the damage caused to business reputation by implementing online reputation management strategies and take steps to re-build your brand’s repute.



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