Discusses Google and Facebook strategy of marketing your reputation online

Are you trustable? If you are, I`ll disclose some secrets with you!

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I want to buy a product! Of course, I can`t trust you, I am not to buy from you. Instead, I purchase from someone whom I find trustworthy more than you!

This subliminal mind of your potential customer’s incessantly whispering their conscious brain while they visit your website. Deciding who is going to win their hard-earned money is not an easy task anymore.

Nothing can be more challenging than earning the trust of a would-be customer – as the competition has been intensely increasing. Entrepreneurs are becoming rock stars of the business world. Nowadays, initiating your own business is as simple as being the lead singer or guitarist in a band – almost. In this way, new business is opening their doors for your customers and taking them away from you!

In such a fierce competition environment, how do you stand out in a marketplace? The fundamental strategy is to focus on leveraging the supremacy of social proof by implementing online reputation management tips.

An author of books Influence and Pre-Suasion – “Robert Cialdini” stated that social proof is one of the fundamental elements to influence and build trust in the minds of customers. Online reviews and testimonials are some of the examples social proofing.

Let`s take an example; Being a buyer, do you read and evaluate reviews prior to buying? When you make an important buying decision. Obviously, you do. In today`s fast-paced world, people make decisions based on reviews and testimonials to evade themselves from costly mistakes.

Facebook – Beta-Testing Program

It came to our way when Facebook approached one of our clients to participate in new “reputation marketing “system. In which a beta-testing program enables business entrepreneurs to append their reviews of Facebook as a part of their advertising strategy to win new customers.

The focus area is that a minimum of 5 reviews with an average rating of 4 stars or higher will appear. Now, what`s interesting is – our client wasn`t having a Facebook ad account at that time and never had advertised before on Facebook. However, our client has had few Facebook reviews that helped in inclusion.

Presently in beta-testing, but it seems like the program will become widely available.

“Now, what if you don’t advertise on Facebook?”

Alright, perhaps you`re using other online channels for your business marketing such as SEO and PPC. How much influential reviews and testimonials are? When it comes to Google’s perspective.

Importance of Positive Reviews and Star Ratings in Reputation Management

A study of Bright Local concludes about the impact of reviews on click-thru rates when people are searching something on the search engine. About 6,283 professional participated in the study and concluded – businesses with an overall positive review rating derive maximum clicks and traffic to a website. In fact, rating from a 3-star to a 5-star makes a business gain 25 percent more clicks from the Google Local Pack. In parallel, business with negative reviews may lead to fewer clicks and visits to a website. Having negative reviews means getting fewer clicks and visits are even better than a business with no reviews at all.

At the conclusion of experiment, participants were asked the reason behind their actions, 56 percent of people said they believe on a website that has positive reviews and star ratings.

Even Google overtly states in their help center,


Even Google directly states that positive reviews and higher ratings can advance your SEO strategies, you better consider – online reputation management firm for reputation marketing. If you`re ahead in this competition of the overall review count, you risk being left behind will never catch you up.

Most importantly, a local business owner should be 100 percent focused on reputation management and marketing strategies. Even though you`re investing in SEO or paid advertising campaigns, without following online reputation management tips, it’s simply the wasting of money! Instead, transforming your efforts into acquiring reviews benefit you to enhance your search engine visibility and convert more visitors into customers.

Perhaps, you don’t own a local business. You sell products online!


Google`s Customer Reviews Program

This might be a good news for online product sellers. Google recently replaced replaces their Google Trusted Stores program with a new program recognized as Google Customer Reviews. This authorizes you to collect valuable customer reviews, for free.

Collect customer reviews is not the only advantage, but also it is empowering companies to market their reputation online. This system is aggregated with some other sources and data providers – can be displayed in marketing channels such as Product Listing Ads and AdWords text ads. Also, Google says that displaying customer rating in your text ads increases 10 percent CTR of your ads.

Google even offers a Google Customer Reviews Badge for websites in which your theory provide your social proofs that further help to boost conversions and win you more customers.


Adding testimonials and reviews to your online or e-commerce store is important to your online reputation management strategy. In the article of testimonials and reviews, there are shreds of evidence showing that even a simple review statement can boost conversion rates by 34 percent.

In Conclusion

That’s why all businesses need solid online reputation management tips in place. You can even name them reviews, testimonials or stories, but eventually, your business needs to provide a notable customer experience that made your potential customers contribute positively review about your business and share their story.


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