ROI Focused, Google AdWords Remarketing Tips to Follow

For websites that receive high traffic in Canada, Google AdWords remarketing ads are a powerful way to get in front of converted and non-converted site visitors. Here are some tactics used by leading AdWords professionals to develop ROI focused remarketing campaigns.

Strategically Segmenting Campaigns

The best Canadian agencies offering remarketing services focus on segmenting campaigns to specifically target various categories of site visitors based on their onsite activities. For example, traffic can be segmented into category visitors, product visitors, shopping cart abandoners, frequent visitors and converted customers. All these groups can be served with specially designed ad campaigns carrying niche messaging, links to specific web pages and optimal calls-to-action.

Clever Advertisement Copy

Whether it is white label remarketing services or nonwhite label remarketing solutions, experts make sure to adopt the best creative ad strategies. Ad copy should focus on delivering a potent message in clear and succinct terms, demonstrate benefits and applicable offers, include a strong call-to-action and have continuity with the website and online branding strategy so consumers identify it with a website they’ve already visited.

Different Strategies for Different Lead Groups

Experienced digital marketing agencies offering remarketing services treat homepage visitors and conversion abandoners differently. People who have attempted to convert before bouncing have more value than homepage visitors. It makes more sense to readjust a remarketing campaign, allot a higher budget to target these site visitors and encourage them to come back and complete the conversion process. Homepage visitors can be targeted with low-budget, soft campaigns that direct them to features such as downloads, blogs, webinars etc. – basically provide them with useful information with the hope that they build confidence and convert later on.

Controlling Duration of Ad Runs

You don’t want to run remarketing ads forever. A time lag report is very useful in analyzing how much time users take to convert after they click on a PPC ad. Based on this, proficient AdWords remarketing professionals determine membership duration and how long to follow site visitors. Membership duration is the time for which a site visitor’s cookie remains active on your remarketing list. While Google provides a default membership of thirty days, you can extend it for up to five hundred and forty days depending on your requirements and objectives which can be anything from quick conversions to a long-term brand awareness strategy.

Controlling Ad Frequency

Depending on objectives, good white label remarketing services providers consider capping frequency of remarketing ads. You can set your ads to run for a specific number of times which can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Every business has different frequency requirements – for example, an e-commerce retailer offering limited period offers will increase daily frequency for maximum exposure or an online business interested in generating substantial leads can benefit from long-duration, less frequency ads.

Targeting Paying Customers

Existing and repeat customers should not be ignored in remarketing ad campaigns. They can be targeted by showing them ads for products that complement their previous purchases, by showing them ads that feature product upgrades after a few months or by offering discounts and coupons to incentivize them. Discounts and coupons are also beneficial to attract prospects who abandoned their shopping carts.

Remarketing on YouTube

Did you know that YouTube is the second most viewed website in the world? It’s also a great place to run remarketing ads. There are many ad opportunities on YouTube including display ads, overlay ads, skip-able video ads, non-skip-able video ads and sponsored display ads related to video content that you can use to get in front of qualified audiences.

With so many different ways to re-target site visitors, you never have to lose a lead. For more strategies and tips, consult a digital white label PPC agency that specializes in re-marketing ads services!

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